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Champion Stone Cutting Machines

Champion Range

Bridge Saws & Milling Machines

At Prussiani UK we adapt our machines to meet Customer demands, searching for the most suitable solutions according to the space and processing requirements.

  • Bridge saws and milling machines, working centers, waterjets, lathes, slabs polishers.

The only patented one. The first manipulator all over the world with suction cups for automatic cutting and moving

Our Cut & Move system: the first revolutionary manipulator with suction cups in the world (Prussiani Engineering Patent EP 1651409), which allows the automatic movement for the separation of the pieces on working table minimizing the waste of materials and the processing time.

Our business specialization is in the engineering and building of CNC machines dedicated exclusively to the processing of stone.

Champion Stone Cutting Processor

One Machine, Many Advantages.

Manipulator with Suction Cups

The first one to be Patented and the only one with 13 years working experience.

Reduction of waste and of working hours.

Safety for the operator who does not need to manually move the pieces to cut.

Stabilized Steel Shoulders

Machine with stabilized steel shoulders instead of concrete.

Easy and fast installing.

Possibility of implementation with motorized tables and / or conveyor belts.

No vibrations.

Recirculating Roller Guides

Recirculating roller guides for the sliding of the X-Y-Z axes instead of recirculating ball guides.

More stiffness and more lifetime.

Y-Axis Movement

Y-axis movement (bridge beam) with GANTRY system.

Two motors, one on the right and one on the left, instead of just one in the centre.

More steadiness and high quality cuts.

Hard Rubber Working Table

Working table with hard rubber instead of wood.

More grip, more precision.

The working surface will not deform.

Electronic Feeler for Automatic Measuring

Electronic feeler for the automatic measuring of the thickness of the slab to cut.

Certainty of precise inclined cuts, thanks to the automatic adaptation of the blade to the possible variations in thickness of the slab.

Automatic & Progressive Lubrication

Automatic and progressive lubrication system with Grease EP1 instead of oil.

Avoids the risk of stains on the material being processed.

Cad-Cam 3D Software

Cad-Cam 3D software supported by the CNC “High-Speed” function.

Ideal system for the realization of artistic works.

P-cam Parametric Software

P-cam Parametric software very easy to use.

Champion Bridge Saws
Champion 65/TA
Champion 65/CL
Champion 5/TA
Champion 5/CL
Champion 5/NT + CA
Champion 5
Champion Tango
Champion Milling Machines
Champion Plus 700
Champion Plus 1000
Champion Plus 1300
Champion Plus 1800
Champion Plus 2200


View a range of images featuring the Champion range of stone cutting machines.

Champion range stone cutting machines
Champion range stone cutting machines
Champion range stone cutting machines
Champion range stone cutting machines
Champion range stone cutting machines
Champion range stone cutting machines
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In 1991 the dream shared by Mario Giorgio Prussiani and his wife Mariella came true and they created Prussiani Engineering: a company established with the goal of designing and engineering top quality CNC machines for the processing of marble, granite and stone.

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