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In 1985 Mario Giorgio Prussiani designed the first computer numerical control working center for the machining of marble and granite. Today there are many models of working centers available on the market and the stone worker’s choice isn’t an easy one.

In CNC working centers an element of key importance is the tool-holding spindle, the “heart” of the machine.

CNC Features

One Machine, Many Advantages

Y-AXis Movement

Y-axis movement (bridge beam) with GANTRY system

Two motors, one on the right and one on the left, instead of just one in the centre.

Greater stability and high quality of profiling and polishing of the edge.

Monobloc Structure

Monobloc structure in stabilized steel

Fast and easy installation.

Ease of movement of the machine in the future.

Absence of vibrations.

No steps to access the machine.

Fixing System

Fixing system with mechanical clamps and suction cups.

Secure fixing of the pieces, even in small dimensions.

Fast and precise workings.

Recirculating Roller Guides

Recirculating roller guides.

More stiffness and more lifetime.

Reduced Maintenance

Reduced maintenance, programmed and guided by the CNC.

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic and progressive lubrication system with Grease EP1 instead of oil

Avoids the risk of stains on the material being processed.

Electronic Presetter

Electronic presetter for the detection of the tools dimensions inside the machine instead of outside.

Automatic data input without the operator’s intervention.

Perfect edging on any kind of material.

Electronic Feeler

Electronic feeler for the detection of differences in the thickness of the material to be processed.

The tool floats following the material thickness differences assuring an excellent edges quality.

Polishing Face-Up

Polished part of the work-pieces facing upwards.

No risk of scratching the material.

More intuitive programming.

Toothed Belt Transmission

Spindle + Motor with toothed belt transmission, specially designed Prussiani for stone processing.

Minimal maintenance with an average duration of 7/8 years.

Easy to replace and/or repair.

Stonecam 3D Software

Ideal system for the realization of any kind of working.

It calculates the timings and the costs of the workings.

Health & Safety

Attention to the operator’s health and safety.

Easy access to the worktop.

Sliding front doors and side protections against splashing water and/or fragments of material.

CNC Work Centers

At first glance they all seem to be the same, but actually, this is not the case, the materials used are what makes the difference: the computer numerical control, the motors, the axes drives, the automatic lubrication system, the pneumatic system, the vacuum system.

Our spindles are built with all the devices require for marble and granite machining, they work on average for six-seven years with no problems; they do not require complicated maintenance and are easy and cheap to repair or replace.

Since 1999 an electronic feeler has been applied to measure the thickness of the piece to be cut. This device allows for machining with the polished part of the pieces to be machined facing upwards, thereby removing any risk of scratching during loading and unloading operations. The profiling tools fluctuate to follow the surface of the piece perfectly, thus guaranteeing perfect polishing.

The fixing of suction cups to the worktable can be executed, as the Client chooses, either by a mechanical system or by means of a vacuum pump system.

CNC Working Centers
Diamante Plus.
Diamante 18.
Platino 2000.
Golden Plus.
Silver 3000.
Silver 2500.
Silver 2000.
Silver 1500.

CNC Work Centers

View a range of images featuring our CNC Work Centers.

platino 2000 cnc work center
platino 2000 cnc work center
platino 2000 cnc work center
platino 2000 cnc work center
platino 2000 cnc work center
platino 2000 cnc work center
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In 1991 the dream shared by Mario Giorgio Prussiani and his wife Mariella came true and they created Prussiani Engineering: a company established with the goal of designing and engineering top quality CNC machines for the processing of marble, granite and stone.

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