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Saw + Waterjet + Cut & Move

At Prussiani UK presents Cut & Jet Shuttle, a cutting machine that combines saw + waterjet + Cut & Move + automatic rotating tables system.

System of motorized rotating tables allows the operator to load and unload slabs while the machine works. An HD camera continuously frames the working area, allowing the operator to follow the working head through a remote monitor.

Ultra compact automatic dual table combo machine, with the precision of the gantry bridge system and versatility of the 5 axes blade and jet.

Cut & Jet Features

One Machine, Very Versatile.


All in one cut & move with a waterjet.

Electrospindle Cutting Head

Equipped with electrospindle for diamond blade.

High pressure water jet.

370° rotation.

Auto Tilt

Electrospindle has automatic tilting from 0-60° or 90°.

The water jet has automatic tilting from -5 to 60°.

Cad-Cam 3D Software

Cad-Cam 3D software supported by the CNC “High-Speed” function.

Ideal system for the realization of artistic works.

Infinite variations

Infinite variations for sutting with the blade & waterjet

The heads group is constituted by one head with a blade electrospindle at variable speed by inverter that tilts automatically from zero to 60 or 90 degrees through the numerical control, and totally independent second head with waterjet and abrasive, automatic tilting through numerical control from -5 to 60 degrees. The two independent heads provide greater stiffness of the system and thus a better quality of the cut.

This exceptional combination between heads group and automatic rotating tables allows to minimize material waste and reset the downtime for the loading of the slabs and unloading of the pieces.

The Cut & Jet Range
Cut & Jet Shuttle
Cut & Jet Shuttle / AL
Cut & Jet / 2T
Cut & Jet / 2FT

Cut & Jet

View a range of images featuring the Cut & Jet range of stone cutting machines.

Prussiani cut & Jet range
Prussiani cut & Jet range
Prussiani cut & Jet range
Prussiani cut & Jet range
Prussiani cut & Jet range
Prussiani cut & Jet range
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In 1991 the dream shared by Mario Giorgio Prussiani and his wife Mariella came true and they created Prussiani Engineering: a company established with the goal of designing and engineering top quality CNC machines for the processing of marble, granite and stone.

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