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Rio Waterjet

Rio Waterjet Range


New Rio, a sturdy, precise and very fast waterjet cutting machine. They can cut every material: steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, marble, granite, glass, plastic, leather and wood. The cutting head is arranged to work constantly at the same distance from the work-piece.

An electronic feeler senses possible differentiated thickness of the cutting piece.

An electronic feeler senses possible differentiated thickness of the cutting piece and the focusing tube, automatically, places itself to the right distance of work-piece.

The tank for the work-piece is detached from the machine, offering a better stability and it is made in stainless steel.

Rio Features

Sturdy, Precise & Very Fast

Bridge Beam Wtih Gantry System

Y-axis movement (bridge beam) with GANTRY system

Two motors, one on the right and one on the left, instead of just one in the centre.

Greater stability and high quality of the cut.

Recirculating Roller Guides

Recirculating roller guides for the sliding of the X-Y-Z axes instead of recirculating ball guides.

More stiffness and more lifetime.

Detached Tank

The work-pieces tank is detached from the machine

Stability of the movements irrespective of the load.

Mud Suction System

Innovative and functional mud suction system.

Immediate and automatic removal of the abrasive from the tank, without operator intervention and no production standstill.

Electronic Feeler

Electronic feeler for the detection of differences in the thickness of the material to be processed.

The cutting head is constantly at the same distance from the material for high precision cuts.

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic and progressive lubrication system with Grease EP1 instead of oil

Avoids the risk of stains on the material being processed.

One Supplier

One supplier - KMT - for abrasive tank, dispenser, cutting head and pump.

Perfect operation of the cutting system.

KMT Intensifier Pumps

KMT intensifier pumps instead of direct pump.

Best operation and reliability of the system.

Durability, less maintenance and no production standstill.

Compensation of the Natural Conicity of the Water

Compensation of the natural conicity of the water through the movements of the 4th and 5th axis.

Accuracy in the perpendicularity of the cut.

Electronic Anticollision Device

Damages to the focus are avoided.

Reduced Maintenance

Reduced maintenance, programmed and guided by the CNC

WJ-cam Software

WJ-cam software specially developed for water jet and with specific functions for use in the stone industry.

Easy to use.

Simplified work for the operator.

Managing of “book match” floors.

WJ-cam Software

The machine programming is carried out through an easy CAD/CAM software, the WJ CAM specifically developed for waterjet machines.

A modern, innovative and workable system is used to remove waste.

The WJ-cam software was created and developed specifically for waterjet machines.

It is compatible with DXF format. In standard configuration, it is equipped with CAD-CAM, cutting quality support, management lead-in and lead-out, dynamic database of materials, common cuts, reporting and budgeting. Software also has several options dedicated to the specific area where the machine will perform.

For example, the function for mosaic dedicated to stone workers for the floors composition or the ability to import and scan images directly from the cutting profiles.

The Rio Range
Rio 5 with 5 interpolated axes.
Rio 3 with 3 interpolated axes.
Rio 3 with 2 cutting heads.
Rio Tandem with 2 cutting heads, Infinity or 3/5 interpolated axes.


View a range of images featuring the Rio range of waterjet machines.

Prussiani Uk Rio Rio Range
Prussiani Uk Rio Rio Range
Prussiani Uk Rio Rio Range
Prussiani Uk Rio Rio Range
Prussiani Uk Rio Rio Range
Prussiani Uk Rio Rio Range
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In 1991 the dream shared by Mario Giorgio Prussiani and his wife Mariella came true and they created Prussiani Engineering: a company established with the goal of designing and engineering top quality CNC machines for the processing of marble, granite and stone.

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