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Wow Bridge Saw

Wow by Prussiani UK

Bridge Saw

WOW represents a new way of approaching the world of stone. A machine designed to simplify your daily work with the utmost precision, 100% orthogonality and the traditional quality of Prussiani.

Young, User-Friendly, Fast, Accurate!

Wow Features

Many Benefits Designed to surprise you!

User Friendly

Digital Cutting

Intuitive Touch Interface

Simple Steps for Automatic Cutting Cycle.

Agile Entry Level Machine

Gantry System.

2 Synchronized Motors.

High Stability.

Highly Precise Cutting.


Equipped with Stoneapp™.

Remote Production Monitoring.

Notification of Each Process.

P-Camcut Software

Easy Programming.

Import DXF Files.

Drag & Drop.

Touch Screen Interface.

Other Features

Slab HD photo for imperfections detection.

Automatic calculation of all types of cut, based on the different colours of the layers.

Super fast 2D simulation.

Collision Detection - Automatic review of the collision among the different pieces.

Types of Processing

Interpolated Cuts.

Arc Cuttings.

Mitered Cuts.

Automatic Corner Drills.

User Friendly

WOW is the new bridge saw for digital cutting of stone products. Its intuitive touch interface simplifies the programming of machining operations by offering quality and precision in every activity. In a few simple steps, the operator can start an automatic cutting cycle to completion. System devices constantly monitor the correct operation of the machine even in the operators absence.


WOW is the most agile of the “entry level” machines and meets the high quality expectations of the Prussiani brand. The movement of the bridge is performed through a GANTRY system that consist of two synchronized motors on both ends of the bridge beam which ensures the highest stability of the machine during the cutting process. This system significantly increases the ability to make highly precise cuts and increases the life of the diamond tools.

High Tech

Industry 4.0 also affects the world of marble: WOW is equipped with Stonapp™, the application that offers remote monitoring of your production through a common smartphone. This application is specifically suited for the new generation of stone processing companies and the high tech features of WOW allow them to make the most of digital technologies at work, anytime and anywhere.

P-camcut Software

With the P-camcut software you can easily program single, multi-linear, curved, polygonal and circular cuts for kitchen and vanity tops, as well as import any D XF file for cut-to-size jobs. The operator can place the digital work pieces at the desired position by simply dragging and dropping on the slab photo, via the user-friendly touch screen system.

Wow Entry Level Bridge Saw

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Wow entry level bridge saw by Prussiani UK
Wow entry level bridge saw by Prussiani UK
Wow entry level bridge saw by Prussiani UK
Wow entry level bridge saw by Prussiani UK
Wow entry level bridge saw by Prussiani UK
Wow entry level bridge saw by Prussiani UK
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In 1991 the dream shared by Mario Giorgio Prussiani and his wife Mariella came true and they created Prussiani Engineering: a company established with the goal of designing and engineering top quality CNC machines for the processing of marble, granite and stone.

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